“Experience, travel– these are an education in themselves.” -Euripides 

Our Story

The International Youth Leadership Foundation (IYLF)  has been helping to make the world a little bigger for young students in Cleveland, Ohio since 2015. IYLF’s founder, after working and living abroad, returned to the United States convinced of three things:  

  1. International travel is an invaluable experience that helps to shape people into more informed and compassionate citizens  
  2. The opportunity to travel abroad should be available to everyone, including children from low income backgrounds and children of color  
  3. International travel coupled with leadership training and domestic cultural experiences can equip students with the global skill set necessary to thrive in the 21st century workforce.

These beliefs led to the founding of the International Youth Leadership Foundation whose mission is to cultivate the next generation of culturally-aware and socially-responsible global leaders. IYLF offers innovative programs that expose students to new cultures and destinations as well as aid in their development into globally-competent citizens who possess the necessary skills to thrive in high-growth potential industries in an internationally interdependent workforce.   

With an emphasis on hands-on experiential learning, IYLF programs leverage Cleveland’s rich multicultural heritage along with a growing network of international partners, to to help students discover new people, places and customs right in their own backyards.  Our focus on problem solving, design thinking, and soft skills development additionally assists students in cultivating in-demand skills that will position them for postsecondary success as well as upward economic mobility. We look forward to continuing to innovate in the youth development space and expanding our impact. 

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