In Their Own Words…

In Their Own Words…

Hear what some of our students have to say about their IYLF program experiences and aspirations for the future!


“In 10 years I see myself graduating from college because I would like to work in business and finance, and I know this program will give me the skills and mindset to finish college and get the job that I want.”

-J. Reeves (Benedictine High School) Fourth year

“This program has helped me by showing me how different countries around the world work and I enjoy the field trips and learning more about the Cleveland community.”

-Z. Howard (Citizen’s Leadership Academy) Second Year

“This program has helped me by getting me out of my shell because before this program I used to not talk to anyone or participate in anything, but now that I’m in the program I talk now, participate more, and I’m helping people.”

K. Sims (East Clark School) Third Year 

“I really like the traveling, it has opened me up more and made me less shy.  I really want to go to Europe and Egypt and some parts of Asia.”

M. Goggins-Jones (East Clark School) Third Year