Executive Director Letter

Executive Director Letter

 Dear Friends and Supporters,   

Thank you for taking the time to see all the fun and exciting developments that are happening with IYLF!  I am truly ecstatic about the tangible impact that our program has had on everyone from students to parents, volunteers, and board members.  Helping students engage with the world around them, build critical leadership skills, create projects aimed at tackling global challenges, and refine skills critical for success in our globally interconnected modern workforce are just some of the unique ways in which we are building the future global leaders who will be challenged to maintain peace and stability in our world.  I am proud that our innovative program model not only holistically develops student participants, but also serves as an active support network that will propel them toward reaching their highest potential.

Now that we have seen the powerful results of the last four years of engagement, we are excited to begin scaling our program efforts in order to impact more students across the Greater Cleveland area, and fulfill an urgent need for globally focused programming.  As of 2018, 41 out of 50 states, including Ohio, have adopted the Common Core learning standards for K-12 education, but these standards often do not encompass global competency skills. Additionally, the funding related inequities that make the American education system ‘one of the most unequal in the industrialized world’ as cited in a recent US Commission on Civil Rights report, further complicate our ability to infuse globally relevant education into student learning.  

Though the challenges in the public education space continue to grow,  IYLF is proud to be on the forefront of creating unique, sustainable program solutions that have the potential to significantly impact students all over Northeast Ohio and across the country.

Will you help support our efforts to develop the next generation of culturally aware, and socially responsible global leaders?  Click here to see how you can get involved.


Melinda R. Jackson 

Founder & Executive Director