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Our young leaders experiencing a local Ethiopian restaurant


The International Youth Leadership Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating the next generation of culturally aware and socially responsible global leaders.  Our innovative, hands-on programs provide students with unparalleled access to rich cultural experiences, intensive leadership training, domestic and international travel, and opportunities to build skills critical for the 21st century workforce.  We expose students to new cultures and destinations as well as aid in their development into globally-competent citizens prepared to work across cultures to advance the global community. Our program offerings range from multiyear holistic development initiatives for middle-school and high-school students to annual leadership conferences designed to engage students in leadership development and focus on prevalent international challenges.


Our Vision

In an increasingly interconnected world with 1 and 5 American jobs being tied to international trade, and global learning not having been integrated into the landscape of K-12 public education, we understand the urgent need for programs like ours that focus on global competence and 21st century workforce skills.  Our innovative approach to this type of learning is one that can not only enrich Greater Cleveland, but serve as a national model for equitable global learning and engagement.

Our Impact

IYLF programs have achieved truly remarkable outcomes in a short period of time. Our students continue to exhibit greater levels of confidence, and curiosity and are taking initiative to occupy leadership roles within their schools and communities.  Our students have additionally:

  • Exhibited increased motivation for future success  
  • Improved their academic performance
  • Decreased negative behaviors
  • Improved their communication skills.   
  • Expanded their knowledge of different nations and regions of the world
  • Improved their reasoning, critical thinking, and problem solving skills
  • Have become more open-minded and less risk averse
  • Are able to work frankly and confidently with diverse groups of peers 


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