2017 Leadership Intensive & Global Forum on Climate Change

“There’s one issue that will define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other, and that is the urgent threat of a changing climate.” -Former US President, Barack Obama.

As an organization dedicated to cultivating students that will be able to thrive in the 21st century, we thought it imperative to create an opportunity where students can learn more about issues of climate change, while coming together to propose new and innovative ideas about how we can act to combat this formidable global challenge.  Our 2017 Leadership Intensive and Global Forum will not just focus on the impact of climate change, but will challenge students’ views by reconstructing the narratives that we build around climate change, and exploring potential new avenues for community collaboration.  This approach will spark meaningful dialogues, inspire innovative thinking, and reinforce the power that we all have to make change when we work together.  You will surely not want to miss this powerful, one of a kind experience.  See below for the event press release.

Press Release:

(Cleveland, Ohio) While we’re trading short-sleeves and shorts for jackets and scarfs for fall, The International Youth Leadership Foundation (IYLF) gears up for its next program, an internationally-focused development conference.

The event marks IYLF’s Second Annual High School Leadership Intensive and Global Forum, and will be held Saturday November 4, at the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Conference Center.

The International Youth Leadership Foundation, is a nonprofit organization based in Cleveland, devoted to cultural and leadership programming for students. IYLF was founded December 2014, by Cleveland native Melinda Jackson, with a mission to instill in students the importance of cultural competence, leadership and college and workforce preparation.

“Our Leadership Intensive and Global Forum is really just another way we can engage students in the Greater Cleveland area and beyond in those critical learning opportunities, that are going to help them to know more about the world around them.” Founder and Executive Director Melinda Jackson remarked.

This program will feature networking with Greater Cleveland professionals and student leaders, hands-on leadership workshops, prize giveaways and a youth-led summit. During the summit students will create their own climate pact for Cleveland.

“[IYLF] is really dedicated to cultivating students … to be culturally aware and socially responsible, and to be able to thrive in a 21st century context,” Melinda Jackson remarked.

For more about The International Youth Foundation and its programs visit: www.IYLFleads.org or email: info@IYLFleads.org