Volunteer Voice: Dana Buzzelli, Program Facilitator

As a former exchange student, I know how beneficial and life-changing international experiences can be. Learning about and experiencing other cultures is key to broadening perspective, breaking down negative stereotypes, and becoming a global citizen. When I read IYLF’s mission, I knew I wanted to be involved in bringing that international experience to young people in Cleveland.
IYLF absolutely adds value to the educational experiences of program participants. We help students learn to think critically about cultural difference, to evaluate their own values, beliefs, and cultures, and to develop the leadership and problem solving skills they will need both in their own lives and in working to solve local and global issues. We strive to create a fun learning environment that encourages curiosity and self-reflection and that pushes students out of their comfort zone to learn and try new things.
The thing I enjoy most about being an IYLF Program Facilitator is our students! I look forward to our sessions and I love being able to alternatively share what I know and learn from them as well.